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Wooden Percussion Instruments Set of 3,Guiro Rasp Natural Wood Frog,Musical Instrument 4 Inch Wooden Cricket,4 Inch Wood Pig

A Crafts: Decorate windowsills, dining tables or study rooms with wood frogs, crickets and pigs, which is quite artistic

A Musical instruments: Use a wooden stick to repeatedly stroke the back teeth of the wood frog guiro to make rhythmic sounds, three notes and three rhythms, and use your wisdom to create a symphony of nature

A piece of wood: They are carved from a single piece of wood, naturally rustic and from Thailand

A taste of life: no matter the seasons change, he can always make crickets, frogs and pigs ring in your ears, with a special flavor

A gift: a creative gift for friends and family,alternative and tasteful,suitable for children up seven years old

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