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Lukmaa 120 Pcs Musical Instruments Include 24 Pcs Plastic Egg Shakers 24 Pcs Hand Bells 24 Pcs Castanets 24 Pcs Wooden Rhythm Sticks 24 Pcs Sand Hammers for Children Musical Rhythm Learning Supplies

Vibrant and Captivating: this wonderful set of kids’ musical instruments comes in a range of bright colors, including green, yellow, red, and blue; Designed to easily draw the attention of both boys and girls, the lively hues are eye catching and stimulating, suitable for creating an engaging and interactive playtime experience

Quality and Design: each instrument in this set is made from either solid wood or plastic, ensuring a smooth, reliable, and safe playing experience; The hand bell, egg shaker, and rhythm sticks are resistant to fading and breaking, ensuring a durable product that delivers long lasting enjoyment

Generous Package: the set includes 24 pieces each of the egg shaker, hand bell, rhythm sticks, and sand hammers; With such an abundant quantity, children have plenty of options to choose from, catering to both play and replacement needs

Stimulate Musicality: these plastic musical instruments make a crisp sound, igniting children’s interest in music while improving their basic rhythmic skills; The egg shaker and rhythm sticks are particularly paired to help young ones explore different sounds, fostering musicality

Boost Physical Skills: playing with these instruments actively enhances hand eye coordination and fine motor skills; The hand bell and shaker eggs for toddlers are particularly designed to encourage children’s movements, promoting physical development whilst they enjoy the fun of making music

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