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Vangoa EWI-100 MIDI SAXOPHONE! Is it any good? (Instrument Investigation Episode 1)

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Many thanks, Vangoa!

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History songs supplied by the YouTube Audio Library

00:00 introduction
00:20 unboxing
01:28 tool closeups
02:12 impressions
03:03 deglitch/key hold-up
03:45 even more presets
04:34 pinky tricks
04:53 fingerings
06:34 midi control
06:51 Bluetooth midi
07:51 usb midi
08:25 glide/portamento problems
08:51 contrast with akai ewi/nurad
09:58 breath sensing unit hum examination
10:25 time for some songs!
12:03 last ideas
12:52 outro

#vangoa #ewi #musicproducer #review