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SGPRO Active Direct Box, Recording Signal DI Box for Musical Instruments as Guitar, review


Key Features:
– ENSURE GREATER SOUND QUALITY: The energetic straight box minimize the influence on audio top quality as a result of unmatching signal from music tools with various insusceptibilities.
– EXTRA GAIN FOR LONG DRIVING CABLE RUNS: The energetic DI box is 48v phantom powered, which supplies an added gain to improve the weak outcome of some passive, single-coil pick-ups and also expand lengthy driving cable television runs.
– MATCHING IMPEDANCES: The straight box transforms high resistance signal to reduced resistance signal, for online efficiency, relaying or tape-recording.
– NOISE ELIMINATING: A switchable ground lift protects against existing from moving in between the DI as well as the microphone preamplifier along the securing, therefore damaging the ground loophole and also removing this sound. It likewise lower the sound from utilizing lengthy cords as well as cables.
– PREVENT EXCESSIVE GAIN: A switchable pad (-12 dB) to avoid extreme gain from straining the wiring to fit the high outcome of energetic pick-ups and also out of balance line-level devices such as key-boards and also various other digital tools.

SGPRO Active Direct Box, Recording Signal DI Box for Musical Instruments as Guitar, Bass Guitar, and also Keyboard Live Performance or Studio, 1// 4″ to XLR, Ground Lift 48V Phantom Powered Compact Unit

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