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Review & Rank of EVERY King Gizzard album + THE SILVER CORD. (Timestamps in Description)

For a one take, I’m rather satisfied with this one! I really did not pay excessive interest to the order of the A rate, however I handled to remain rational. I discarded a great deal of the bass/music things I wished to discuss to conserve myself the moment and shame, I wish it offered some valuable understanding!

( Video is unedited. VOD goes down structures often, desire it really did not.).

Stream Intro/KGLW History: 00:00
Willoughby’s Beach: 11:30
12 Bar Bruise: 15:00
Eyes Like the Sky: 20:16
Drift Along – Fill Your Lungs: 25:26
Oddments: 32:40
I’m in Your Mind Fuzz: 39:35
Quarters!: 50:21 (Note: sound obtains very rough).
Paper Mâché Dream Balloon: 57:24.
Nonagon Infinity: 1:01:56.
Traveling Microtonal Banana: 1:12:18.
Murder of deep space: 1:20:42.
Illustrations of Brunswick East: 1:28:46.
Polygondwanaland: 1:36:06.
Gumboot Soup: 1:45:39.
Angling for Fishies: 1:51:05.
Infest the Rats’ Nest: 1:55:46.
K.G.: 2:02:19.
L.W.: 2:08:09.
Butterfly 3000: 2:13:05.
Made in Timeland: 2:17:40.
Omnium Gatherum: 2:20:45.
Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava: 2:28:00.
Laminated Denim: 2:38:18.
Modifications: 2:42:31.
PetroDragonic Apocalypse: 2:49:48.
The Silver Cord: 3:01:35.