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MIDI Accordion

MIDI Accordion

If there could be one greatest thing in the way of combined electronic and acoustic accordions, MIDI accordion is the right name to mention. Well, MIDI accordion is considered as one of the latest inventions in the music industry, although they’ve been around a number of years now. Perhaps this is due to the fact that with this instrument, you can play all your standard MIDI synthesizers, whether it is standalone module, rack-mounted, or having a keyboard attached. What is best is that you can also obtain the original acoustic accordion sounds as well.

MIDI actually stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a serial or electronic bus standard that was designed for musicians. It is typically equipped with a switch on every key and button. Note that a small circuit board and a switch for every key and button are all electronics required inside the accordion. As such, there is no minimal weigh added to the accordion. In addition, the circuit board of a MIDI accordion functions to scan the keys and sends out MIDI “Note On” or “Note Off” messages every time a change in the state of a key is detected. The change actually comes out every time a key is pressed or released.

In a MIDI accordion, a cable that connects the accordion to the synthesizers is always present. This cable is just a relatively thin cable which weighs similar as to that cable used on the old Cordovox accordions. Also, with a MIDI accordion, you have the option to get wireless transmitters for the instrument and this is commonly considered so that you have no cable going out of it at all.

There are a number of positive things or advantages for a MIDI accordion, and one of those stems from the fact that the synthesizer technology is continually growing at a much more rapid rate than is acoustic accordion technology. Therefore, is you have a standard accordion that you really love; you don’t need at all to trade it in every moment there is a development in the synthesizer. All you need to do is to keep the same accordion and just upgrade the synthesizers so to make a MIDI accordion.

Another nice highlight of MIDI accordion is that they make an ideal MIDI controller, which is in some ways better than a typical keyboard controller. With this instrument, you can also set up the MIDI channels for chords, for bass, treble and solo, effectively making the sound of the accordion like a five piece band, counting the acoustic accordion as one instrument.