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Meinl Percussion StudioMix Shaker with Textured Synthetic Body — NOT Made in China — for Percussionists and Drummers, 2-Year Warranty (SH12-L-BK)

OUR MOST CRISP SOUNDING SHAKER: the Meinl StudioMix Shaker has a brilliant, crisp tone that spreads out with plenty of volume; its high frequency can carry across large rooms, over drums and guitars, and be easily picked up by studio mics

WHY IT MATTERS: it’s a sure bet you’ll be heard playing live in acoustic or electric bands; plus, you can find a pinpoint spot in recording mixes to develop your track

DRIVING THE SOUND: made with a 100% synthetic shell and special filling that projects well; it’s also textured to produce a musical tone and give you a better grip

YES, BUT: some might squawk if not metal or wood, but the clear tone, light feel, and ruggedness of synthetic tipped the scale for our designers; this is an incredibly rich sounding shaker that stands up to the elements

OF NOTE: there is no heavy, lagging feel on your hand while playing the StudioMix shaker; the synthetic body cuts down weight so you can easily keep steady rhythms with consistent volume

BY THE NUMBERS: this large version measures 9 1/4″ L x 2 1/2″ W; the pitch is slightly lower than the medium size

THE BOTTOM LINE: the Meinl StudioMix Shaker will do the trick if you want a crisp and present shaker sound for your next recording or live gig

THE BIG PICTURE: Meinl is a family-owned musical instrument manufacturer and brand established 1951 in Germany; our expert German designers have deep relationships with our builders to ensure you’re delivered the absolute finest quality

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