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Meinl Percussion Series Signature Luis Conte Artist Shaker Musical Instrument with Medium Volume — NOT Made in China — for Live or Studio, 2-Year Warranty (SH4BK)

DESIGNED WITH A MASTER: mega-successful percussionist and Meinl artist, Luis Conte, designed this shaker with us; Luis’ recording and performance credits include James Taylor, Santana, Phil Collins, Ray Charles, Jackson Browne, Shakira, Madonna, and more

WHY IT MATTERS: you can have the same shaker sound as a highly in demand professional; plus, Luis dialed-in this signature series to deliver sound that fits across his epic list of artists, so you’re covered for any scenario

HOW IT WORKS: separate shaker chambers are fused in one unit for predictable response with silky smooth shaker tone; grip the shaker in the middle, and you’ll instantly have fine control for consistent, balanced sound

GOLDILOCKS VERSION: not too loud but carries with pleasant sound; this is the medium volume version with the most applications of all three Luis Conte shakers (SOFT: great for studio, MEDIUM: use almost anywhere, LOUD: best for high volume live shows)

YES, BUT: made with 100% all-weather synthetic material for crisp sound while being plenty durable; some might squawk if not metal or wood, but the clear timbre, relaxed feel and ruggedness of synthetic tipped the scale for Luis and our designers

BY THE NUMBERS: this shaker measures 6 7/8″ long x 3 1/8″ wide, and its volume ranges around 79-81 decibels (a little softer than a strum of an acoustic guitar)

THE BOTTOM LINE: you can play this shaker anywhere like acoustic shows, studios, in praise bands or campsite sing-alongs, and it doesn’t matter what your skill level is; it will do the trick whether you’re a drummer or singer with no percussion experience

THE BIG PICTURE: Meinl is a family-owned musical instrument manufacturer and brand established 1951 in Germany; our expert German designers have deep relationships with our builders to ensure you’re delivered the absolute finest quality

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