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BOYA Studio Condenser Microphone To Record Vocals, instruments – Unboxing, Review & Sound Test

Boya studio condenser microphone By-Bm100 to record vocals, instruments and voice over and this microphone is good for singers in an affordable price.
boya microphone company is already popular in India for its lapel mic boya bm1 and now boya launched affordable mics for musicians.

This microphone is a condenser mic and it requires phantom power, so you need a audio interface to use this microphone and it has three polar patterns that is cardioid, omnidirectional and bi-directional.

About This Video.
In this video I have shown a quick unboxing video, review and raw sound test of new boya BY-M100 in a non treated room without any effects and processing and I will make my upcoming performance videos with this microphone with all effects and processing.

you can make your recording more better if you use this mic in a treated room or any good room.

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