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Best of 2021 – Sample Libraries, Virtual Instruments and Plugins Year in Review

All Links to Instruments & Reviews below:
Experience Library, Virtual Instruments, as well as Plug-ins Year in Review/ Best of 2021 Awards

Funded by Realitone –

00:37 Solo Orchestral Virtual Instrument
Solo Audio Imperia

Sasaki Trumpet Musical Sampling

Session Guitarist Picked Nylon Native Instruments

02:17 World/Ethnic Virtual Instrument
Old Greek Series Soundiron

Globe Colors Clar-Duduk Evolution Series

Ventus Native American Flutes Impact Soundworks

Ethera Gold Sahara Voice Zero-G

03:50 Orchestral Percussion Virtual Instrument.
Box Factory by Fracture Sounds

Tom Holkenborg Percussion by Orchestral Tools

LA Modern Percussion 1.1 by Audio Ollie

Axé Audio Brewers

05:37 Orchestral Woodwinds Virtual Instrument.
Motion Picture Studio Woodwinds Cinematic Studio Series

Synchron Woodwinds Vienna Symphonic Library

Abbey Road ONE Wondrous Flutes Spitfire Audio

08:16 Piano/Keyboard Virtual Instrument.
Piano Colors Native Instruments

Discovery Scoring Grand Sound Yeti

Delphi Piano # 1: Autumn 1958 Soundiron

Glacier Keys Fractured Sounds [
Originals: Mrs. Mills Piano Spitfire Audio

Hammers+ Waves Skybox Audio

11:34 Toolkit/ Cue Builder Virtual Instrument.
Tallinn Orchestral Tools

Components Modern Scoring Synth by Zero-G

Symphonic Destructions Heavyocity

Groth by Wavelet Audio

Contemporary Drama Toolkit Spitfire Audio

13:13 Bass/Guitar Virtual Instrument.
RCD Guitar Audio Ollie

Advancement Dry Relic Orange Tree Samples

Session Guitarist Picked Nylon Native Instruments

1975 Soulful Guitar Soundpaint

Store Mood Guitars Naroth Audio

14:56 Orchestral Brass Virtual Instrument.
Hyperion Brass Elements Soundiron

Norrland Solo Trumpet Norrland Samples

Angry Brass Pro Soloists Performance Samples

Synchron Brass Vienna Symphonic Library

17:09 GUI/Interface in a Virtual Instrument.
Lost Piano Westwood Instruments

Tokyo Scoring Strings by Impact Soundworks

Symphonic Destructions Heavyocity

18:00 Trailer/Teaser Video.
Albion Solstice Spitfire Audio

18: 40 Official Walkthrough Video.
Symphonic Elements Drums UJAM

Abbey Road Two Spitfire Audio

Omen by Silence and also Other Sounds

Loophole Pool Series Sound Dust

Budget Plan Buy a Virtual Instrument.
Quadral Soundiron

Symphonic Elements Drums UJAM

Originals Media Toolkit Spitfire Audio

Prophecy Silence & Other Sounds

Vocal/Choir Virtual Instrument.
Tallinn Orchestral Tools

Audio Design in a Virtual Instrument.
Symphonic Destructions Heavyocity

Loop/Phrase-Based Instrument.
Symphonic Destructions Heavyocity

Instrumental String Virtual Instrument.
View Performance Samples

Instrumental Ensemble Orchestral Virtual Instrument.
The Orchestra Essentials Best Service

OPW Pool Project Spitfire Audio.

Albion Solstice Spitfire Audio

Ashlight Native Instruments

Tokyo Scoring Strings Impact Soundworks

Instrumental Strings Sonokinetic

Elysion 2 by Best Service

Elysion 2 Best Service

Ethera Gold Sahara Voice Zero-G

Quantum Steel Tongue Emergence Audio

Sundown Strings Realitone |