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Tutorial Review Behringer Radar Eurorack module made by Penishead

I had the concept besides the “typical” use Behringer Radar to utilize this eurorack component as a microphone preamp for my voice. I attached it with numerous various other components and this is the impressive outcome.
I am open for any type of inquiries or remarks.

Right here is the video clip index:

04:39 trip over the frontpanel
06:05 develop gateways and voltages
08:02 Radar with Plaits
09:42 Radar with exterior mic
10:28 Intergalactic global
11:30 Radar as vocoder with Edges & Plaits.
13:18 How to link a mic.
14:40 My Rating/ Summary.
15:24 Preview for the following video clip.

Have a good time, remain open minded.