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Isolate Vocals Drums Bass Instruments From Any Song: DeepRemix Review

Ever wanted to extract different parts from audio files without lots of complicated (and expensive) production software?. This is a review of DeepRemix, an exciting and affordapble new software product – available for both Windows and Mac.

DeepRemix makes it easy for anyone, regardless of experience, to separate their MP3s and audio files, then edit each vocal and instrument tracks. This will be ideal if you want to:
– Compose, sample and share new versions or stems of your MP3s and audio files.
– Extract vocals from full songs to use over different backing tracks.
– Create instant backing tracks and mute parts to play or sing over.
– Experiment with and randomise new tempos, effects, pitches, keys/scales, time-stretching plus create new loops in real-time.
– Re-balance and make volume, panning and EQ adjustments.
– View and edit audio as beautifully presented, colour-coded notes, allowing different layers such as voice and bass to be quickly identified.
– Rip your audio apart – easily. Then put it back together in new and exciting ways.

If you love the sound of what it can do, then you can download a trial of DeepRemix audio separation technology from the Hit’n’Mix site. Or just read more:

Read my detailed review here
Watch the Hit’nMix detailed walkthrough of DeepRemix here

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Antelope Audio Edge Solo Cardioid Condenser Modeling Mic
Antelope Audio Zen Go Audio Interface
KRK Rokit 5 Gen 4 Studio Monitors
Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphones

0:00 Intro
0:30 Instant vocal isolation
2:37 DeepRemix Interface
4:04 DeepRemix Mixer
5:04 Isolate vocals, guitar, bass – examples
7:47 Change tempo
8:15 Edit individual notes
9:11 FX in DeepRemix
10:43 Ripples – real time edits
11:26 Scales and modes
12:28 Match beats and parts from different mixes
12:40 Stems – create and extract
15:04 DeepRemix Verdict

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