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I got a new piano (unboxing)

I obtained a brand-new piano so right here is me unpacking it as well as attempting to play some tracks on it

Large many thanks to my clients that sustain me and also aid make these video clips feasible! Thanks Ben “Jaguar” Marshall, Matthew Celardo, Christian Andersson, Austin Gazetti, JJBA, aaron, Brenden Conner, Bujju, Joseph Neira, Mar Dacy, Lavender, Mitch, Ray Wood, Joshua Doering, JMCandleClock, Andrew Souther, Martin Fiebig, Jake Shapiro, Tom Knackstedt, Jake Gonzalez, Nathanael Swenson, Jim Klodzen, RuhTheFerret, Donald Blevins, Valérie Trépanier, Jillian Slinger, Michael Eubanks, Zaq, Fallon Alastair, Patrick Streil, Joshua Emmel, as well as Josh Geiple.

Donner DDP-80 electronic piano:
United States:
Price Cut Code for DDP-80
ELISEMUSIC (Until November 15th).

Company questions:

Donner piano bench:.
United States:
Many thanks to Donner for funding this video clip:-RRB-.