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HANDPAN MEDITATION 2 hours music | Pelalex HANDPAN Music For Meditation #23 | YOGA Music

This handpan music is ideal for meditation, relaxation, yoga practice, massage, tea ceremony, other practices and just for a good mood.

Played on a F Pygmy Handpan
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I welcome you to my channel
My name is Alexander, I am a Ukrainian musician from Kyiv. I like to live in different cities of Ukraine, now it is Odessa
I perform, teach and distribute these miracle instruments around the world)
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I host my events: sound tea ceremonies, Sound Healing, concerts
I also act as live musical accompaniment at various events: meditations, tea ceremonies, women’s circles and various other practices.

HANG / HANDPAN is a musical instrument of a new generation.
The instrument was developed in 2000 by Felix Rohner and Sabine Scherer from Bern, Switzerland, after years of studying the Caribbean steel drum and many other resonant drum instruments from around the world.

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