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Best of 2023 – Sample Library Review’s Virtual Instrument Awards

Jointly, our factors and electing market experts check out over 200 brand-new online tools yearly. Test Library Review’s “Best of” honors are identified by a board of advisers and choice board that consists of songs reporters, manufacturers, media, and songwriters authors with Viewers Choice elects available to all audiences.
00:00 Introduction
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01:00 Best Orchestral Ensemble
03:46 Best Sound Design
05:42 Viewers Choice Best Virtual tool
05:54 Best World/Ethnic
07:30 Best Brass
08:15 Best Piano/ Keyboard
10:55 Viewers Choice: Alt Piano
11:09 Best Woodwinds
12:00 Best Toolkit/ Cue Builder
14:44 Viewers Choice: Novella Origin
14:56 Best Bass/Guitar
17:17 Best Loop/ Phrase
18:36 Best Solo Orchestral
19:43 Best Drums & Percussion
23:01 Best Vocal/Choir
25:05 Best Orchestral Strings

Ideal Solo Orchestral Virtual Instrument of 2023
Intimate Legato – Violin by Sonixinema
Lux Violin by David Forner

Finest Bass/Guitar Instrument of 2023
( HM) Hoard Picked Acoustic by Musical Sampling
( HM) Nylon Rustique by Musical Sampling
Stockpile Mandolin by Musical Sampling
Session Ukulele by Native Instruments
Rosette Mandolin by Impact Soundworks
Development 10 String Stick by Orange Tree Samples

Finest Orchestral Strings Virtual Instrument of 2023
Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violin by Spitfire Audio
Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos by Spitfire Audio
Synchron Duality Strings by Vienna Symphonic Library
Peteris Vasks Strings by Orchestral Tools

Ideal Ensemble Orchestral Virtual Instrument of 2023
British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds
Ideal Service The Score, by Sonuscore
Synchron Smart Orchestra by Vienna Symphonic Library
Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator
Salu by OrchestralTools

Audiences Choice: Novella Origin by Westwood Instruments

Audiences Choice:
Synchron Duality Strings by Vienna Symphonic Library
Peteris Vasks Strings by Orchestral Tools

Finest Toolkit/ Cue Builder Instrument of 2023
Ill Ultimate by Soundiron
Myths by Native Instruments
Handpan Machina by Pulsetter Sounds
( HM) Sounds from Beyond by Red Room Audio
Novella Origin by Westwood Instruments

Finest World/Ethnic Virtual Instrument of 2023
Globe Fury by Sample Logic
Malventum Pompeii
Sångara by Orchestral Tools

Finest Drums & Percussion Virtual Instrument of 2023
Balanced Origins by Soundiron
PRISM Taped – Indie Pop Drums by AVA Music Group
Discovery Hybrid Mallets by Sound Yerti
Berserkr by Keepforest
Pieces by Sonuscore
Abbey Road High Percussion
Damages Uncharted 88 by Heavyocity

Finest Vocal/Choir Instrument of 2023
Singing Colors by Native Instruments
Eric Whitacre Contrast by Spitfire Audio
Ethera Gold Atlantis 3 -Zero-G

Audiences Choice: Alt Piano by Westwood Instruments

Ideal Loop/ Phrase Instrument of 2023
Damages Guitars by Heavyocity
Dream by Sonokinetic
Indie 2 String Quartet by Sonokinetic

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Ideal Woodwinds Virtual Instrument of 2023
County Winds by Insanity Samples
Petrichor – Earthy Woodwinds by Fracture Sounds

Finest Brass Virtual Instrument of 2023
Shutoffs Pro by Native Instruments

Ideal Piano/ Keyboard Virtual Instrument of 2023
Blog Post Felt Piano by Jon Meyer
BBCSO Piano by Spitfire Audio
Online Pianist SCORE by UJAM
Max Richter Piano by SRM Sounds
EZKeys 2 by Toontrack –

Ideal Sound Design Virtual Instrument of 2023
Nordic Spheres by Sonuscore
Reduced End Strings by Native Instruments
Gravity 2 by Heavyocity
Shades by SLATE + ASH

Audiences Choice Best Virtual tool of the Year: Gravity 2 by Heavyocity